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At the Law Office of Calixtro Villarreal, we take our responsibility seriously, and are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Feel fre to give us a call today!

When you are charged with a crime, it can be an overwhelming feeling. You have likely found your way to our site because you are searching for a criminal defense attorney who can help you the most. Rest assured that The Law Office of Calixtro Villarreal will do everything in our wisdom and power to ensure that you get the best possible case results.


- Calixtro Villarreal

As a paralegal at The Law Office of Calixtro Villarreal for over 7 years, I have seen the personal care that this organization has for the client. We are committed to each one of our clients and fight for them relentlessly. We will do our best to provide you the finest legal care possible.


- Waylon Davenport

A Trial Lawyer By Nature.


Calixtro Villarreal has always had a passion to defending clients to length of taking the case to trial.


Attorney Calixtro Villarreal has been practicing in his hometown of Rio Grande City, Texas for over 24 years trying cases throughout numerous counties in Texas. His entire career has been devoted to defending individuals accused of crimes and delinquencies. Throughout his many years practicing, Calixtro has done an above-average amount of trial cases, not normal for the regular practicing attorney. Calixtro Villarreal is not willing to compromise on belittling the client. Calixtro’s dedication and commitment to the client has proven itself in the courtroom and in the success of the practice. Do not conform yourself to a lower standard, contact us today!

Personal Contact Information:


If for any reason, you wish to contact Attorney Calixtro Villarreal personally, you may do so at the following contact information listed below.

Office: (956)487-3739

Cell: (956)735-6730

Email: cal_orlaw@hotmail.com

A New Generation of Lawyers.


Sabas Quiroz, J.D., has been one of the recent additions to The Law Office of Calixtro Villarreal. With him, comes more technological experience and a hunger to gain knowledge.


Sabas Quiroz recently graduated from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, located in Lansing, Michigan. Sabas Quiroz’s desire to excel in this organization is present in his manner of assisting clients. Sabas Quiroz is adapting well to the concept of seeing the client's need as the priority.

We Are Here to Serve You:


The Law Office of Calixtro Villarreal is ready to work on resolving any legal issues you may be experiencing. Our personnel are always willing and determined to bring you the results you deserve. Our staff has a combined 50 years of experience doing the behind the curtains work that goes into resolving cases.


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